Patient Engagement Session - OUTCOME

Patient Engagement Session – Outcome

As you are aware we held a patient engagement session last week, if you have not been able to watch the livestream video here is the information that was discussed.

We will be merging on Monday 20th of May, our new name will be Phoenix Family Practice. We will have a new appointment system in place, this will be a Total Triage system. The layout of the practice will be slightly different as we will now have bigger teams. When you arrive and enter the building our main reception will now be located to your right (Rowan Tree Practice’s current reception desk).

 We will have a new self-check in and calling system you will be able to use to check in and be called by the clinician.

Reception will not be taking any calls on the front desk so you will be able to check in at the desk or at the self-check in and reception will be able to help with any queries at the desk. There will be an allocated space behind reception’s meet & great desk where the phones will be answered. This will allow privacy and reduce the ques at the desk, if we need to and only if we have the staff to allow us to be able to we will open Church Streets current desk to help with check in and any query’s.

Our phone numbers will remain the same – 01932 – 504450 or 01932 – 505230

Our email address will no longer be active but we will have a new website in place that you contact us on via this instead, the new website is currently being created.

Our opening times will remain the same –

Monday – Friday

8:30 – 6:30

With a commuter clinic running from 7.20 for pre-booked appointments. There will be a slight change in how you can book these.

Our nurse appointments will remain the same you will be able to pre-book these in advance and you can either do this via our new website by completing a form or calling to book.

New appointment system

We will be running a new appointment system called total triage.

How will this work?

You will need to visit our new website (website address will be advertised as soon as its finished being created and is active) you will need to complete a form detailing your problem/need with as much information as possible this will then come to the practice who will have a triage team of 4 people working on this. The team will be 2 doctors and 2 receptionists all working on a rota basis. The forms will be looked at in order and prioritised based on urgency. All clinical queries will be dealt with by the doctors and appropriate treatment will be decided by the doctor. You will either receive a message/call asking for further information or you will have an appointment booked, or the outcome may be something different depending on your query. If there is a particular way you wish to be contacted you can put this on the form when it’s completed.

What if you do not have access to a smart phone or the internet?

That is not a problem you can still call reception or come into reception and they will complete the form for you. They will ask how you prefer to be contacted and this is how you will be contact either by the doctor or reception to let you know about an appointment that has been made or any action that has been taken.

 What if you need help with the forms? 

 That is not a problem either you can still call us, we will still be here to help you.

Why are we merging?

The merge allows us to be resilient, staff absence and turnover has less impact on patients, enables some efficiencies we can’t achieve individually and it also makes us a larger and unified voice in rebuild project.

Transition period – What you may notice

We will have changes being put in place internally before Monday 20th May and this may cause some disruption.

There will be increased focus on same day service for acute illness and we ask for your patience and awareness of other appropriate services in this time –

Chemist for minor illnesses

Walk in centre for minor injuries

A&E for acute illness

NHS 111 for any issues you might otherwise call us for

Weeks commencing 6th of May and 13th of May in particular we will be trying to minimise routine pre booked appointments as we cannot transfer this information on to our merged computer system we will be using. 

Before the meeting we engaged with our joint patient participation group, these were the questions they asked.


Do I need to re-register as a patient?

No you will not need to do this.

What will happen to my health records?

They will remain with the merged practice though there may be some disruption on the Monday 20th May.

What if I am really unwell in the time frame mentioned?

Please make contact as usual by phone, but we urge you to consider whether you have thought about other potential remedies first.

What if I need to arrange something routine in the time frame mentioned?

Please try your best to support us by making sure you use the GP service appropriately in the lead up.  

Will you still have both Reception desks?

No we will be aiming to use the reception desk on the right side, currently Rowan Tree Practice’s reception as this bigger and we will have more space

Will there be a common check-in screen?

Yes, our IT systems will be merged and we will be getting a new self-check in/calling screen.

The existing Church St practice website has very limited information compared to ones in the past, e.g. there used to be details of specialisms that doctors had. Will a new website give a lot more detail about the staff including pictures?

Yes a new website is being worked on, it won’t have staff pictures but will have clinical staff details.

Will I still be able to see my usual doctor?


Will there be any changes to appointment availability?

The medical team directing care required should help you to get an appropriate appointment or care in a timely fashion.

Will the surgery openings times remain the same?

Yes, though Rowan Tree patients will now notice and earlier opening time.

Will the merged surgeries remain on the same site?

Yes, for the foreseeable future.

Will there be any changes to the way I book appointments?

Yes, we will ask you either to complete an online form or provide the requested information to our reception team and await contact.

Will any service offered currently by the surgery be removed or stopped?

No this will not happen.

Will there be any changes to how I access the GP out of hours service?

No, NHS111 is still available by phone or online.

Will the newly merged practice be able to provide new services to the patients?

We’re aiming to improve accessibility to the service first before we try to introduce anything else!

How will the new arrangements benefit GP’s/Nurses/Administration staff?

It is a different way of working that is hopefully more efficient. We believe it will help the patients and the practice staff alike.

What are the benefits to the new system?

It should allow us to deal with more people’s queries, in a more efficient manner. It should also allow us to make sure our patients get the correct care the first time.

Will there be any changes to appointment availability?

We hope it should make appropriate care more accessible.

How will urgent appointments be handled?

Urgency of clinical issues will be assessed by our medical team. We will have same day appointments for any urgent issues.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

You can call to cancel, cancel via text reminder, via the forms or via the NHS app.

What support or training will be provided for using the new system?

It is sufficiently intuitive for most people to use, however we still offer the usual options of contact.

Is there an official launch date for the new system?

Monday 20th May 2024

How can I book appointments if I don’t have online access?

Our reception team can assist either by phone or in person at the surgery.

Is there a language support service available if I don’t speak English?

Yes, both practices currently provide this.

Can someone help me set up an account and book appointments on my behalf?

The online form system can be used by a relative or friend on your behalf.

Can I receive appointment reminders in a language I understand?

I am afraid we cannot offer this service, this will only happen if the phone is set up in a different language already.

Am I still able to phone the surgery?

Yes, we will still have a team answering the phones here to help.

Can I book a routine blood test (e.g. Cholesterol, PSA, etc.) on line?

You will be able to log a form online to request this or call the surgery to book.

Will I be able to access my medical records, currently the only information I can access is a few of my recent vaccination records (eg. Covid, Flu)?

Since November 2023 it has become a requirement that all medical records are viewable in detail online via the NHS app.

Will the combined practice be at full capacity or will there be room for additional patients?

We will remain open for new registrations at this time.

Will I have to make my prescription delivery service aware of any change to the practice name?

No, the practice will issue your medication to any existing nomination.


 If you have any further questions regarding the merge please email the address below -


Published on 2 April 2024