New Medicine Service (NMS)

The following is a brief over view of a new service which may be available in your Community Pharmacy from 1st October. It is designed to provide early support to patients to maximise the benefits of the medication they have been prescribed. It is for patients who have been newly prescribed a medicine in one of the following conditions / therapy areas>

  • Asthma & chronic lung disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Antiplatelet / anticoagulant therapy
  • Hypertension

A list of medicines has been agreed and if a patient is newly prescribed one of these medicines they will be eligible to receive the service.

The service is split into 3 stages:

  1. Patient Engagement – following the prescribing of a new medicine covered by the service, patients may be recruited to the service by their GP or opportunistically by the community pharmacy. The patient will be asked to consent for information to be shared with their GP as necessary. The pharmacy will dispense the prescription and provide the initial advice as it normally would.
  2. Intervention – this will take place between 7-14 days after patient engagement at an agreed time and through a method agreed with the patient (this could be face to face or by telephone). The pharmacist will use an interview schedule to assess the patient’s adherence, identify problems and the patient’s need for further information and support which the pharmacist will provide.
  3. Follow up – the pharmacist will follow up with the patient 14-21 days after the intervention (again face to face or by telephone) to discuss how the patient is getting on with their medicine. They will also provide advice if required.

At both the intervention and follow up stages, the pharmacist may identify a problem which requires the GP to review the prescription. Where this is required, the pharmacist will complete an NMS feedback form to provide the GP with the details they require.

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Contact Details

Appointments (08:30-18:30):
01932 504450

Out of Hours:
111 (NHS 111)

(For non urgent requests / queries)