Patient Reference Group

What is expected from our PRG

If you would like to join our Patient Reference Group (PRG) please complete the form (Invite to join our PRG) and email us on We like to think of our members as our critical friends. We intend to arrange an annual meeting but in view of the difficulties of arranging face to face meetings to suit all patients who join the group we will also ask your views on a virtual basis (email). Whilst email is our preferred option, alternatively we can add you to a mailing list.

We are likely to contact you to discuss the following – what questions to include in our next patient survey – invite you to take part in our survey – to discuss the results of our survey – review our achievements against the previous year’s objectives and then following on from this to agree the priorities for the coming year and an action plan.

We do need to ensure that the group is representative of our patients and will base this on age, gender, ethicity and health needs. If you agree to join you can withdraw at any time just let us know. Your details will be kept safely and securely and will only be used for the PRG purpose and not shared with anyone else.

Our Practice takes the views of our patients very seriously. We encourage feedback in person via our “comments & suggestions” forms, by email ( and through our website; you can write to us or chat to a member of staff.

Key Priorities 2017/18

Please see published Key Priorities for 2017/18 here.

Practice Annual Report 2015/16

2015 was a busy year for  us with preparations for a CQC inspection occupying a significant amount of our time and resources. The inspection took place in December and we were rated ‘Good’ in all areas. We greatly appreciate the contributions of our critical friends to the inspection. It took a while for us to then get back to normal.

We held a PRG meeting in November 2015, and you can read the minutes here.

Our long-standing Practice Manager Veronica Millis was then planning for her retirement in October 2016 and bringing her replacement Catherine Makepeace on board.

These changes have meant that unfortunately we have not had as much time to spend with our critical friends as we would have liked. We did though review our agreed priorities for 2015/16 as attached.

We hope that in 2017 we can get back to working more closely with our critical friends.

Practice Annual Report 2014/15

Please read our annual report. Our PRG currently stands at 57 virtual members and we continue to encourage new members to join.  We invited members of the group to recently meet with us.  6 members accepted our invitation and we met during the early evening on Thursday 5th March 2015.  Please read the minutes of this meeting, a review of our achievements against our priorities set last year, and our agreed priorities for 2015/16 . We look forward to continuing to work with our critical friends.

Practice Report Annual Report 2013/14

At the start of 2011 Church Street Practice had already established an effective PRG, known as our “”Critical Friends”. Although this was a small group it was representative and communication was easy to manage. We met with the majority of our “Critical Friends” to discuss both local and national survey results and agree Practice priorities for the coming year. We want to continue with this principal that members of our PRG are our “critical friends” and improve communication, whilst allowing for the time and energy already invested in setting up our original patient group. We also wanted to expand the numbers in the group to make it even more representative.

By the end of January 2012 Church Street Practice achieved an enhanced representative group of patients totalling 87 members. Throughout 2012 and going forward into 2013 we continued to enhance the patients representing the Practice by inserting invitation letters to join into the Practice Booklet for all new patients registering with us; reminders in newsletters; on the Jayex board (patient calling and information system) and on the Practice website. We asked the group for their help with the patient survey. After their feed back we finalised the survey and took the opportunity to invite more patients to join our group by attaching our invitation to all the surveys we handed out in the autumn. In February 2013 we sent a draft summary of the results to our PRG; agreeing our key priorities for 2013/14 and published this on our website, in a newsletter and advertised on the Jayex board.

During 2013/14 we have continued to work towards increasing the members of our PRG by newsletter, notices on our Jayex board, website, new patients’ registration packs and various information leaflets and GP Recommendation. As of March 2014 our PRG stands at 120 members.

Before we issued our survey this year during August we sought approval from our PRG for the proposed questions and invited suggestions for new questions to ensure the survey was relevant to our patients’ current concerns. Members of the PRG were very helpful and after some revisions the final survey was distributed in the same way as previous years – to the PRG to complete, during the flu clinics, after appointments, from Reception staff and available on the website. Surveys were collected between October and December. We achieved a 5% return and were very pleased with the results although we were unable to meet with the group this year we emailed (and posted to those members of the group not on email) our draft analysis of the results, a review of our achievements against 2013/14 priorities and the proposed priorities for 2014/15 to be agreed by the group based on the responses to our survey. We are very grateful to the group for their responses and the final information and priorities agreed for 2014-15 were posted to the website and circulated via our newsletter during March 2014. A break down of the demographics shows our group remains representative of our practice population Patient Demographics March 2014.

Our plan going forward into 2014/15 is to continue to advertise for new members to join the PRG as detailed above and that the group remains representative of our Practice population.

Due to the excellent number of completed surveys returned in 2013 representing 5% of our practice population, providing us with quality data, we have decided not to carry out a similar survey during 2014.

94% of patients surveyed during 2013/14 would recommend Church Street Practice to a friend, neighbour or family member. We were delighted with this result and also very pleased with the overall results from our local patient survey, with responses representing 5% of our total number of patients (12,818). Thank you to all patients who answered the survey and provided us with their comments as well as a big “thank you” to our PRG for their assistance with the questions and reviewing the results.

2012 Survey Results

National Patient Survey

In addition, many of our patients will receive a questionnaire through the post asking about their experiences of local health services including accessing GP appointments, patient satisfaction with practice opening hours and overall care, the surgery environment and helpfulness of reception staff. This is a national survey conducted by the Department of Health who has commissioned MORI to send out the questionnaires and analyse the responses.

Visit to find out more.

We would therefore ask you to consider carefully your response to one of the questions in the national survey – “Think about the last time you tried to see a doctor fairly quickly. Were you able to see a doctor on the same day or in the next 2 days the GP surgery or health centre was open”.

This question implies that you have to be seen in order to receive a consultation. A consultation can either be made over the phone or face to face. We firmly believe that our appointment system, working alongside our duty doctor telephone assessment service, allows the majority of our patients to receive an appropriate consultation within 2 working days, with appointments often given on the same day if needed. Our appointment system is explained in more detail in the “Appointment” section.

Another question asks if you can book an appointment with a GP more than 2 days ahead – we offer appointments up to 6-8 weeks ahead which you can see from the availability of our on-line appointments. Please bring proof of ID to Reception to register to use our on-line booking for appointments with your doctor and to request repeat prescriptions.

You can look up the results of the national survey on the NHS Choices website ( using the post code KT13 8DW

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